Honey Dip School of Feminine Power has assisted hundreds of women in enriching and expanding their own feminine power and the feminine power of their clients through certification in our Yoni Steam Practitioner Course. Our students have become leading experts in the field of Yoni Steaming and in their niche subfields of Yoni Steaming. Read Madeline's testimony below.

"Honey Dip Yoni Spa is much more than just a spa, it’s a safe haven for most women like myself who feel like there is much more to everything we experience, including our womanly awareness of the energy we hold and carry. I knew I had to continue my feminine enhancement/knowledge here because everything felt just as authentic/genuine as I imagined. This journey for me has definitely been beneficial and mostly liberating, for myself to guide and assist other women."

~Madeline Boyd of Divine Den Yoni Steaming

Hi, I’m Aneisha.

Just like you I knew there was a deeper calling for my life. The call of what MY Feminine Energy could do, if only I surrendered to it. Throughout my teen and early adult years I experienced extremely painful and irregular periods. Being fed up, I turned to an elder practitioner of the Ancient Art of Yoni Steaming. I began this journey of Yoni Steaming which lead me to Womb Wellness over 15 years ago, and I haven't looked back. Through many years of learning and practicing I have unlocked the mysteries that called to me, and have been given the opportunity to enrich the lives of many other women who were willing to open their hearts to the practices of Womb Wellness, starting with Yoni Steaming. I allowed the practice of Yoni Steaming, Yoni Eggs, Waistbeads, and other ancient Feminine practices to tap me into the wisdom of my feminine energy. Women who practice Womb Wellness for themselves are very empowered beings, and we want that for you and your clients. I am here to guide you through unlocking your own divine mysteries within your feminine energy, all while earning an ABUNDANT living. We together as a community of Holistic Women, practicing Womb Wellness, will empower our communities and raise the vibration of the planet and the generations behind us, while making an abundance of finances and liberation. You hear the call, answer it, Trust YOUR process, and Join US! Join in the conversation on any of our social platforms @honeydipyonispa.

What do you learn in our courses?

In our Yoni Steam Practitioner Certification Course you are going to learn the Ancient Art of Yoni Steaming. In our course, you will learn various aspects of Steaming clients: the art of the Yoni Steam set up, who should and should not Yoni Steam, how often you should Yoni Steam clients, and the methods of Yoni Steaming some of the most frequent concerns of the Yoni. This course will also teach Herbal Methodology, including information on herbs specifically related to the Yoni and its care. The course will also provide a Yoni Steam formulation for Yoni Steam Herbal blends. After completion of our course, we also provide the option to enhance your training with one-to-one business coaching by our Certified Feminine Business Coaches. Our Coaches are the only Certified Yoni Steam Practitioners in the field with membership in International Coaching Federation. You hear the call, What are you waiting for? Click the "Get Certified" Button and Get Started!